Colombia seen by the international media

Colombia seen by the international media

Gabriela Sáenz

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Safe, affordable, with a bustling nightlife, attractions that range from gorgeous colonial cities to Caribbean beaches to Amazonian jungles, and candies sold on buses are some of the national wonders highlighted by tourists and journalists that fell in love with Colombia after they came. Here you will find what they have said and maybe it will help you make the right decision: to come and see for yourself what is is everyone’s talking about.

Updated on June 20th, 2011

June, 2011

The Smooth Guide
The Colombian capital is shifting up gear to full cosmopolitan speed as stylish new hotels keep apace with the city's explosive art and vibrant music scenes.

Junio 17 de 2011

Seven spectacular bus routes through Shouth America
Bucaramanga, also known as the City of Parks, is one of the most beautiful cities in South America, with over 160 parks to explore.

March 23, 2011

A weekend in Bogotá
A young British woman living in Mogotes (Santander) narrates her roadtrip to Bogotá and tells us what she found in the big city - Colombia style.

June 8, 2010

Award-winning Colombian Coffee creates internet buzz
One of the world's finest and most expensive coffee cups comes from the Primavera farm. Several American, Australian and Taiwanese companies paid over 100.000 dollars for a sack of the prized beans, which won the Cup of Excellence award last week.

February 25, 2010

Why You Should Ignore Everything You’ve Heard & Go to Colombia
"While I have to admit that I was apprehensive when contemplating a visit to Colombia, I am more than ecstatic that I listened to the people who had actually been there instead of the doom-and-gloom reports of the media. I can’t help but chuckle now at the absurdity of thinking that traveling in Colombia was going to be a bad idea."

January 10, 2011

5 countries to visit for under $500
Before long, Colombia will be a major travel hotspot.  Beaches, big cities, dancing, mountains, jungles, and some of the friendliest people in the world are all contributing to the tourism boom in this once maligned country.

Abril 5 de 2011
El Periódico bogotano en inglés celebra su tercer aniversario
“La gente sigue viniendo a Colombia con reservas, es un lugar muy incomprendido. Hemos tratado en los últimos tres años de romper con los estereotipos y mostrar que Colombia puede ser un gran lugar. Hacemos periodismo desde un ángulo positivo”.

April 5, 2011
Bogota's English-language newspaper celebrates 3rd anniversary
"People still come to Colombia with misgivings; Colombia is a very misunderstood place. We have tried in the last three years to break the stereotypes and show that Colombia can be a great place. We do journalism from a positive angle."

March, 2011
Best Hotels in South America
National Geographic Traveler's annual list of authentic, sustainable hotels ranges from Cartagena to Patagonia. These properties all exhibit an extraordinary sense of place, authenticity, a sustainability ethic, and community involvement.

March, 2011
Top Budget Travel Destinations for 2011
"We analyzed a year's worth of news, trends, and statistics to identify the world's best value destinations for 2011. From China to our own backyard, here are ten places that you can't afford to miss."

February 3, 2011
101 Reasons to love Bogotá
"There are palm trees in Calle 57. We’re at an altitude of 2,600m, somewhere in the middle of the Andes and there are palm trees in Calle 57."

February 3, 2011
It’s time for Colombia to think big
"There is no question that Colombia has become a more stable, safer and promising country over the past decade."

January 7, 2011
The 41 Places to Go in 2011
“Cali has always felt like the grittier stepsister of Medellín, but tucked amid the colonial homes of the barrios of San Antonio or Granada are a number of new jewelry boutiques, low-key cafes and salsotecas teeming with crowds as sexy as any in South America”.

November 19, 2010
Medellin, Colombia, from drug violence to tourist destination
"Medellin, Colombia's second-largest city, features a bustling nightlife, museums, an aquarium, cable cars and more."

September 16, 2010
Hotel Review: the NOW Hotel in Cali, Colombia
“It’s perfect for business travelers (lots of conference rooms) and for tourists (it’s a healthy walk or quick cab ride to San Antonio, the historic city center)”.

September 15, 2010
On the Colombian Coast, Natural Beauty, Gritty Charm
"Santa Marta, a Colombian city once plagued by violence, is increasingly friendly to new businesses and visitors. In nearby Taganga, tourists take to the beach."

September 29, 2010
10 reasons to choose Colombia as your next vacation destination
"It's safe, it's affordable, and it's attracting travelers like never before."

July 1, 2010
36 Hours in Bogotá, Colombia
"There seems to be a fine line between a drug-war battlefield and a hip bohemian city, and Bogotá has crossed it."

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